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Great British Lawns Professional Lawn Care Services: Caring for Lawns throughout Surrey Hampshire and West Sussex.

Our goal is to ensure your Lawn receives the correct care and attention and create a healthier and greener lawn for you to enjoy.

Because we believe your lawn deserves the best!

Understanding each lawn has its own unique characteristics, as qualified Lawn care experts we have an environmentally friendly approach to turf-care.

About Us:

With a wealth of knowledge in turf care we provide bespoke lawn care solutions. We are fully licenced and insured to apply products in a safe and professional manner.

With our completelawn maintenance programmeswe focus on attention to detail and only recommend treatments and services that will truly benefit your lawn.

We offer a wide range oflawn treatment servicesincluding specialist moss and weed control, lawn aerationscarification and renovation.  

We consider no lawn is too big or too small for us to care for.

We understand the various soil types and the unique geological make up of the many towns and villages throughout Surrey Hampshire and West Sussex.

Where possible we apply organic lawn care solutions to stimulate a natural environment for the grass in your lawn to thrive.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service:

Saves You Money and Time:

Because maintaining your lawn can be time-consuming, soil knowledge and product knowledge are essential in ensuring proper care.

From sourcing the correct products to labour intensive work like lawn scarification and aeration, It can pay to invest in a lawn care professional to assist you.

A lawn requires more time and effort to maintain it properly. 

You’ll need to engage in regular activities such as applying fertilizer and controlling weeds.

But with a professional lawn care services, you can free yourself from this commitment and enjoy a beautiful view without the time and effort.


We will will not only perform the basic activities of caring for the lawn, but will utilise our knowledge and expertise to deliver the best results.

With our knowledge of the various types of grass ,soil, fertilizers and irrigation we will make your lawn healthier and greener.

We know the correct fertilizers to use to enhance the appearance of the lawn.

Another advantage of hiring Great British Lawns is that you do not need to research and purchase equipment and chemicals while avoiding the stress and training required to apply chemicals in a safe and professional manner.

When hiring us as your lawn care specialists to care for your lawn you can be assured we will come when scheduled and will ensure the correct lawn treatments are applied at the correct time.

Transform Your Lawn:

Lawn renovation carried out correctly using the correct specialist equipment can transform a tired-looking lawn into a lush, healthy one. 

You can attempt to care for your lawn independently if you have the skills, but if you don’t have the time and equipment, you can save you time and money employing the services of a reputable lawn care business.

Environmental safety:

Another reason to use the services of a professionally run lawn care company is environmental protection. 

The experts use a professional approach to lawn care which involves only safe chemicals and tools, with access to a wide selection of organic products.

We ensure that your family and pets are safer by applying ethically approved methods to care for your lawn.

At Great British Lawns we take pride in caring for our customers lawns and provide a unique and reliable service.

Let us do what we do best and create a beautiful lush green lawn you can be proud of.


As lawn care specialists we are well trained and experienced to get the job done at a level of excellence without causing injuries. You’ll only pay a service fee and have the job done safely.


Lawn Care Services provide a personalised lawn service that focuses on tailoring programmes focusing on your lawn’s unique requirements.

Whilst we have the experience and knowledge of larger lawn care companies we still provide a personal service.

At Great British Lawns we understand that lawns in towns and villages with unique soil types will often require a bespoke lawn care programme.

Having provided lawn care services to clients locally for over twelve years we know the individual towns and villages well within Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, so we can personalise a lawn care programme specific to your lawn’s needs

Types of Soil in Lawns Throughout Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex:

Surrey Lawn Soil Types:

Throughout Surrey, soils can vary greatly within only a few miles; Guildford has areas of lime-rich chalk deposits, but more acidic loamy soils in other parts where soil moisture can be low.

Haslemere in Surrey has very acidic sandy soil which often leads to woodrush being prevalent. Godalming, Surrey and surrounding villages like Shalford, Surrey and Bramley, Surrey tend to be less acidic and free draining.

Hampshire Lawn Soil Types:

Waterlooville, Hampshire has good soil in which grass can thrive if cultivated correctly. Lawns can become waterlogged in times of heavy rainfall so lawn aeration will help reduce the impact.

Petersfield, with its slightly acidic loamy soil tends to be free draining and suitable for reseeding in spring and autumn.

Liphook is prone to soil moisture shortages, particularly in the summer months, so use of a sprinkler when permitted will keep lawns hydrated.

West Sussex Soil Types:

Soils in the Towns of Chichester, West Sussex and Bognor Regis tend to be loamy. They can be prone to flooding in the autumn months, so lawn aeration will reduce waterlogging in lawns

  • Clay soils: have over 25 percent clay. Also known as heavy soils, these are potentially fertile as they hold nutrients bound to the clay minerals in the soil. 
  • But they also hold a high proportion of water due to the capillary attraction of the tiny spaces between the numerous clay particles.
  • They drain slowly and take longer to warm in spring than sandy soils. Clay soils are easily compacted when trodden on while wet and they bake hard in summer, often cracking noticeably. 
  • Sandy soils: have high proportion of sand and little clay. Also known as light soils, they drain quickly after rain or watering, and are easy to cultivate and work. They warm more quickly in spring than clay soils. 
  • On the downside, they dry out quickly and are low in plant nutrients, which are quickly washed out by rain. Sandy soils are often very acidic.
  • Silt soils: comprised mainly of intermediate sized particles, are fertile, fairly well drained and hold more moisture than sandy soils, but are easily compacted.
  • Loam soils: comprise a mixture of clay, sand and silt that avoid the extremes of clay or sandy soils and are fertile, well-drained and easily worked. They can be clay-loam or sandy-loam depending on their predominant composition and cultivation characteristics.
  • Peat soils: are mainly organic matter. They are usually very fertile and hold much moisture; they are seldom found in gardens.
  • Chalky or lime-rich soils: may be light or heavy but are largely made up of calcium carbonate and are very alkaline.

Grass requires good drainage, and sand is the fastest-draining type of soil there is. On the other hand, grass needs soil that is able to retain moisture, and that's a feature of clay.

Poor soil can include anything from moist, poorly-drained soil to dry, sandy soil. It may also include heavy clay soil and hard compacted soil.

Below are indicators of the weeds that tend to thrive in specific soil types:

Wet/moist soil

Moss and algae tend to be very prominent in wet and damp soils as well as weeds like spotted spurge, knotweed, chickweed, crabgrass, ground ivy and violets.

Organic Lawn Care:

Globally, lawns originated in Europe but reached their pinnacle in North America and spread through out the globe. Organic lawn care simply means the practice of caring for landscape or garden lawn by use of organic horticulture rather than synthetics means. 

Undoubtedly, there are lots of benefits of organic lawn care for example the lawn will be healthier. Additionally, it reduces pollution of water and soil. Additionally, organic lawn care helps in developing a heathy root system.

Firstly, natural lawn care helps in developing a healthy root care system.

Consequently, Organic lawn care assists in putting essential micro nutrients back into the soil. The organic matter used helps feeding the living micro-organisms in the lawn. 

Moreover, the care is beneficial as it assists in sustaining the overall health of a lawn. 

Due the fact that the lawn is fed organically the nutrient for its survival is sufficient as compared to the one that uses synthetic means.

Great British Lawns City and Guilds accredited

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