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From our Five step Lawn Maintenance programme to our complete Lawn Renovation programme. We ensure Your Lawn receives the correct Lawn Treatments and Services carried out at the correct time so you can enjoy a lusher and greener lawn.


Our Five Step Lawn Maintenance Programme:

Lawn Aeration:

Aeration is the foundation to a healthier and greener lawn creating air pockets within the soil for the grass roots to grow into whilst allowing more effective nutrient absorption. In addition to promoting deeper grass root structure and a thicker grass sward, it also reduces compaction in turf which in turn helps reduce moss from developing in your lawn.


Spring Treatment:

Our Specially formulated quality British produced fertilisers provide your Lawn with the correct balance of key nutrients to promote a thicker greener grass sward.  Where necessary we apply a Selective herbicide to eliminate unwanted spring weeds.

Our lawn fertilisers are Slow Release and provide a steady green up over 6-8 weeks. Weed killer is fast acting and most weeds will wilt away after 2-3 weeks


Summer Treatment:

We apply our carefully formulated Summer Drought safe fertilizer to promote a healthier sward and where necessary will spot treat weeds with our specially selected selective herbicide to eradicate Summer weeds.

Ideally mow one to five days prior to any scheduled treatment and refrain from mowing your lawn for at least five days after Spring and Summer treatments to allow the herbicide to be fully absorbed by the leaf tissue.


Autumn Treatment:

Our Autumn Lawn Treatment consisting of autumnal feed with key nutrients to replace the nutrients lost in turf throughout the summer months and a organic soil Improver to improve the organic soil biology within your lawn.


Winter Treatment:

Specially formulated Winter treatment combining Moss protection and conditioner to help protect your lawn from lawn diseases throughout the harsh winter months.


Where Lawns require extra attention we have additional grass care services such as the treatment and services listed below:

Moss Control:

We use a highly effective fast moss control solution to kill the moss spores prior to lawn scarification which allows us to remove moss more effectively. Too much Moss in a lawn is detrimental to grass competing for space and soaking up surrounding moisture and nutrients

Lawn Scarification:

Should your Lawn have an abundance of Moss and/or thatch then we use our Lawn scarification machine which is designed specifically to remove large amounts of Moss and thatch from your lawn allowing for healthy grass to grow and nutrients to be absorbed more effectively.

Your lawn will look bare for a few weeks after but the long term benefits to your lawn far outweigh this and your lawn will look healthier and greener following your next treatment.

We will rake up excess cuttings and place in bags or garden waste bins.

Lawn Renovation:

If your Lawn is bare following Lawn scarification we can apply a quality grass seed mixture and organic topdressing to repair the bares areas in your lawn.

Soil Acidity Balancing:

For Lawns that have highly acidic soil we can apply a Lime Application to reduce soil acidity and promote a better environment to encourage grass growth and discourage weeds.

Lawn Disease:

If after your Lawn review we find evidence of any lawn diseases which may not be treatable with simply applying lawn fertilizer such as Red thread or Fairy rings in your lawn we can apply a contact Fungicide which is rain fast within two hours.

We recommend mowing your lawn a couple of days before this treatment and then leaving at least 7 days before next cut.




Having a lawn in your home always feels good to have. I mean, who would mind having a place inside your house where you can sit and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine in the winters, and the chills from the cold breezes in summers. Not only your garden or lawn is your place to relax, and release some stress, but it also adds to the overall beauty of your house.


If you have a well-maintained lawn, chances are that it is probably one of your favorite places inside your home. A lawn could be useful for many things. You can grow flowers and even vegetables/ fruits which can be a source of a healthy nutritious organic diet right within your own home. 

It is without a doubt an amazing feeling to have your own garden or lawn. However, it is not as easy to keep it as it sounds. A healthy lawn requires regular maintenance and immense care so that it can keep shining to its maximum potential.


Now, it is also important to understand that not everyone can pull off regular lawn maintenance all by themselves. Therefore, there are specialized lawn care service providers that can do the task for you. Here are a few things you can expect from such services;




One of the most required services for your lawn is regular grass cutting. Grass grows rapidly, especially during rainy weather. They always have direct access to sunlight and open air which is enough to provide them enough nutrition to help them grow at their maximum potential. Therefore, grass can grow fast, but also unevenly which can leave your lawn not so good looking.


However, lawn service providers do this task for you without any difficulty. They are experts and have top-quality equipment which cuts all of the grass in equal length leaving your turf fresh, and stunning.




Bad weather or other circumstances can also leave holes in your yard which not only look bad but can also be a source of injury if unnoticed. However, if you have some expert taking care of it then you never have to worry about uneven land or holes in your grassland.




This is something that you can do yourself as well, and you must do it too. Plants require daily water intake to keep their growth to its maximum potential, and also to remain healthy. Therefore, make sure you spare a couple of minutes every day watering your flowerbed so that it can keep looking vibrant as well as remaining fit from inside.




You can do this part yourself too or you can call some experts for it. Either way, you are going to provide your lawn/ flowers or any other vegetation inside your garden with some extra supplementation which ensures that the fruits grow well, and the overall conditioning of your park remains perfect.



There are many lawn care services in your area that claim themselves to be the best in the business. However, it all comes down to you about which service you like the most. You will have to do some experimenting for it, and you will have to survey the market to see what service suits your lawn the best.

The goal at the end of the day is to ensure a perfect-looking, healthy glade where you can relax comfortably.

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