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Lawn Care Tips and Advice


Carry out a Lawn analysis to check the overall health and condition of your Lawn to establish if your Lawn has any underlying issues that need addressing. If you use a Lawn Treatment service ask them to come and inspect your Lawn for you so they can determine which treatments and services will be most beneficial to your lawn

Before your first mow of the year ensure your Lawn mower has been serviced and blades have been sharpened to ensure a clean cut

February/ March

If your lawn has large amounts of Moss and or thatch kill the moss prior to lawn scarification to ensure moss spores don’t spread further. Scarify the lawn to ensure moss is removed, this will allow the grass in your lawn to flourish in spring and look healthier and greener.

After Lawn Scarification is completed if temperatures are warm enough (above 10C) apply quality mix of grass seed and apply good quality top dressing. Remember to water the seed for the first two weeks every evening on days that no rain has arrived to ensure seed germination.


If your lawn is suffering from compaction aerate to improve drainage. This will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil which will promote a deeper and stronger grass root structure.

To assist healthier growth and appearance apply a slow release fertiliser with the correct balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the spring. If weeds are a problem apply a selective herbicide to eradicate unwanted weeds in your lawn. Mow your lawn at least once a week at times of intense growth.


Apply a quality summer drought safe grass fertiliser to further enhance the health and appearance of the lawn and apply a selective Summer herbicide away from any water sources and avoid mowing your Lawn too short when very hot (ideally no shorter than 5 centimetres).


Apply a Drought safe fertiliser and Selective herbicide to eradicate the summer weeds and if after 3 weeks your lawn is showing signs of fungal disease or dry patch apply a preventative and curative treatment.


Grass requires water intake to keep their growth to its maximum potential, and also to remain healthy. Therefore, make sure you spare a few minutes every day watering your lawn to ensure your lawn looks healthy throughout times of drought.


Mow the lawn less frequently and water your Lawn in the evening for if no rain has fallen in the last couple of weeks.


If turf is very compacted but soil is moist aerate the lawn. If lawn is choked with moss firstly treat the moss with a highly effective moss treatment then scarify and renovate by reseeding and applying a topdressing.


Apply a Winter Soil improver and conditioner to protect the turf and remove debris including fallen leaves and branches off your lawn to ensure grass doesn’t develop any lawn diseases or is starved of nutrients and where appropriate apply a winter moss control treatment.

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