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Lawn Care Services provide a personalised Lawn service that focuses on tailoring Lawn Care programmes focusing on your Lawns unique requirements.

With the experience and knowledge of larger lawn care companies we still provide a friendly and reliable lawn service.

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Let’s face it. We all have busy lifestyles. When we coming back from work or a day out visiting friends and family, we usually do not feel the energy to do physical tasks especially mowing our lawn. 


Therefore, if you have a Lawn Care specialist caring for your Lawn chances are that is going to keep looking healthier and Greener for longer.





Now there are a lot of companies in the market that claim to be the best, However, not every expert might be able to understand your lawn fully and provide you with the best quality work possible.


Therefore, you might have to shop around and look for options at the start, but when you do find the right company, make sure you stick to it. 




This is another service that good lawn service providers definitely offer. The weather in the UK does not always remain steady. There can be hot days, cold days, and sometimes there can be bad thunderstorms. This affects the growth of your plants, and their health as well. 


However, regular fertilization supplementation can provide a lot of health to your plants. This is where the expert’s job comes into play. They know about the right nutrition for your plants, and when to provide it to them.





This may not sound like much big of a deal, but we can guarantee that it sure is. Let’s face it. Chances that you are not an expert in vegetation or plants, and you might not know which plant can survive in the conditions of your area. This is where experts can guide you. Not only do they let you know what not to do, but they also suggest ways to maximize the health of your Lawn.


You might think for once that you can easily manage your garden, and in case if you are unclear about something, you can simply Google it right? 


Well, no because this is not something theoretical that you can search online, and learn how to do it. Maintaining your lawn is a totally practical process, and you need expertise in order to do it perfectly.


This is where lawn care services are going to assist you. These companies have certified professionals who have years of experience learning about different plants, different environments, and how to maintain a garden in the perfect way. 


Therefore, it can be better and easier to call professionals for such tasks instead of attempting them yourself.



Why choose Us:


At Great British Lawns we understand that Lawns in different Towns and villages with different soil types will often require a bespoke Lawn care programme.

Having provided Lawn care Services to clients locally for over twelve years we know the individual towns and villages well within Surrey and Hampshire and West Sussex and will personalise a Lawn care programme specific to Your Lawns needs

Surrey Lawn Soil types

Throughout Surrey soils can vary greatly within only a few miles, Guildford having areas of Lime rich chalk deposits and more acidic loamy soils in other parts where soil moisture can be low.

Haslemere in Surrey has very acidic sandy soil which often leads to Woodrush being very prevalent. Whilst Godalming, Surrey and surrounding villages like Shalford, Surrey and Bramley, Surrey tend to be less acidic and free draining

Hampshire Lawn Soil types

Waterlooville, Hampshire has good soil for grass to thrive if cultivated correctly Lawns can become waterlogged at times of heavy rainfall so Lawn Aeration will help reduce the impact

Petersfield, Hampshire with slightly acidic loamy soil tends to be free draining and suitable for reseeding in Spring and Autumn

Liphook is prone to Soil moisture shortages particularly in the summer months so use of a Sprinkler when permitted to do so will help keep Lawns hydrated

West Sussex Soil Types

Soils in the Towns of Chichester, West Sussex and Bognor Regis, West Sussex tend to be loamy Soils that can be prone to flooding in the autumn months so Lawn Aeration will help reduce waterlogging of the Lawns

Different Types of Soil in Lawns throughout Surrey & Hampshire & West Sussex

  • Clay soils: have over 25 percent clay. Also known as heavy soils, these are potentially fertile as they hold nutrients bound to the clay minerals in the soil. But they also hold a high proportion of water due to the capillary attraction of the tiny spaces between the numerous clay particles. They drain slowly and take longer to warm in spring than sandy soils. Clay soils are easily compacted when trodden on while wet and they bake hard in summer, often cracking noticeably. These soils often test the gardener to the limits, but when managed properly they can be

  • Sandy soils: have high proportion of sand and little clay. Also known as light soils, these soils drain quickly after rain or watering, are easy to cultivate and work. They warm more quickly in spring than clay soils. But on the downside, they dry out quickly and are low in plant nutrients, which are quickly washed out by rain. Sandy soils are often very acidic

  • Silt soils: comprised mainly of intermediate sized particles, are fertile, fairly well drained and hold more moisture than sandy soils, but are easily compacted

  • Loam soils: are comprise of a mixture of clay, sand and silt that avoid the extremes of clay or sandy soils and are fertile, well-drained and easily worked. They can be clay-loam or sandy-loam depending on their predominant composition and cultivation characteristics

  • Peat soils: are mainly organic matter and are usually very fertile and hold much moisture. They are seldom found in gardens

  • Chalky or Lime rich soils may be light or heavy but are largely made up of calcium carbonate and are very alkaline

Grass requires good drainage, and sand is the fastest-draining type of soil there is. 

On the other hand, grass needs soil that is able to retain moisture, and that's a feature of clay.

Poor soil can include anything from moist, poorly drained soil to dry, sandy soil. 

It may also include heavy clay soil and hard compacted soil.

Below are indicators of which Weeds tend to thrive in specific soil types

Wet/moist soil:

Moss and Algae tend to be very prominent in wet and damp soils as well as weeds like Knotweed, Chickweed, Crabgrass and Ground ivy.

Dry/sandy soil weeds:

Sorrel, Thistle, Speedwell, Garlic, Sandbur, Yarrow, Nettle.

Heavy clay soil:

Plantain and Nettles.

Hard compacted soil:

Bluegrass, Chickweed, Knotweed, Dandelion, Nettle, Plantain.

Poor/low fertility soil

Yarrow, Daisy, Plantain,  Ragwort, Dandelion, Crabgrass, Clover.

Humus soil weeds:

Foxtail, Chicory, Horehound, Dandelion.

Acidic (sour) soil:

Daisy, Plantain Knotweed, Sorrel, Field woodrush.

Moss Alkaline soil:

Chickweed, Spotted spurge, Chicory.



We have a environmentally friendly approach to Lawn care and only recommend treatments and services that we know from experience will improve the overall health and appearance of your Lawn

We only apply premium quality British fertilisers, whilst supporting the local economy this also helps reduce carbon footprint due to no oversea transportation.


Great British Lawns the Natural Choice to a Healthier and Greener Lawn.

Providing a Wide range of Lawn Care Services including specialist Moss and Weed control treatments, Lawn Aeration and Renovation whilst applying Seasonal treatments using only Quality British produced Organic and traditional fertilizers.

As independent Lawn Treatment Specialists who take pride in their work, Fully insured and certified with over twelve Years experience Caring for customers Lawns throughout Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Understanding every Lawn has its own unique characteristics Great British Lawns will customise a Lawn Care programme tailored to Your Lawns specific requirements, while Utilising their experience and knowledge when applying products in a safe and professional manner.

To arrange your Free Lawn analysis and quotation contact Great British Lawns today providing your name and residential address.

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